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December 14, 2019

By Pierre Little published a sponsored article which read as a project funding wishlist for those with vested interests in the proposed 100 million New Brunswick Museum.  This is not independent news in most cases, its astroturf.  They are publishing sponsored or paid news that business people and even government officials can’t determine the difference easily. This online publishing practice is called Astroturfing commonly referred to as “Fake News”. News that is independently verified by journalist is not's strong point.  Below you will see Wayne Long, MP Saint John-Rothesay reply to me on messenger regarding the post he shared to his Facebook page.  He didn't know it was sponsored astroturf. 

Article in questions mentions "Plans for a new $100-million New Brunswick Museum are in the works for the city’s waterfront." Which was postponed indefinately by the PC Government December 12, 2018.  

Source of re-post/share on Wayne Long's Facebook page.

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