Kevin Arseneau, Kent North MLA compares Chris Austin's words to Nazi propaganda

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Commentary by Pierre Little


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On Friday November 23, Kevin Arseneau MLA for Kent North, made some shocking comments regarding Chris Austin's use of "common sense" during a press conference the PCs presented rolling out their Ambulance NB reforms.  Arseneau compared the use of this terms similar to its use by Joseph Goebbels the Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi party.


Hold your horses. 


Nazi similarities?  This is hyperbolic to the extreme. He should apologize to the legislature.  He is doing exactly what he claims everyone should not be doing in the legislature.  He is casting aspersions on the "objective" of the the "Right wing" Alliance and their support for the PCs on language rights? A few breath before he mentions casting aspersions to spin should not be done as a rejection of old political machinations based u[pon the unwritten oudated "Rules of Politics" he is quoting.  “Attacking minorities is not how we will solves these issues” he says.  This is clear hypocrisy and political rhetoric. 


To be clear, the policy presented by the PCs for ambulances service is not an attack on Francophone's rights or minority rights, but a solution to bring about life saving first aid and transportation to patients in an emergency situation to the hospital. A patients right to first aid and transportation trumps Francophone paramedics rights every time. Taking a balanced approach to the problem, is what "common sense" means Kevin.  


The Nazis where called National Socialist German Workers' Party, something very close to our own Canadian liberal progressive socialist policies in this country and I might add, the ideals in which the Green Party hold are very similar to extreme socialism the nazi's practiced with their ideas on big government control, especially in policies related to current day government endorsement of Climate Change and legislating a carbon tax.  We need less of government regulating society and business not more in New Brunswick.  Look whose calling the kettle black.  

Here is the video of his speech on November 23, 2018. 

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